Chair Massage Shows & Events

 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Want to make a lasting impression at your next Trade Shows, Conventions or Expos in Fort Lauderdale or anywhere in South Florida? ?Let South Florida Chair Massage and give your potential customers and guest the gift of relaxation.

Theraputic massage for expos

South Florida Chair Massage will provide you with professional chair massage services at Trade Shows, Conventions and Expos in Fort Lauderdale and throughout South Florida. The professional, licensed and certified Massage Therapists can even wear your corporate uniform or logoed identity apparel, thus uniting South Florida Chair Massage with your brand.South Florida Chair Massage will help provide a lasting experience for customers, guests and other important prospects at your show.What’s the largest challenge at a trade show, convention or expo? Getting and keeping quality traffic, which will spend a time reviewing your product offerings and engaging with sales personnel. South Florida Chair Massage creates a fantastic great way to drive traffic to your booth, create interest in your product offerings and build brand loyalty. Sales staff can engage your potential customers while waiting for the next available chair massage or upon completion of the prospects chair massage.What a wonderful opportunity to sell the prospect, when they grateful for gift of relaxation from the chair massage. Your sales staff will love the ease at which these prospects willingly provide information for follow-up and close.

Private Label Custom Events

 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Are you looking to create a memorable experience at your next custom event?South Florida Chair Massage provides a wide array of ideas to ensure your next custom event or function is a memorable one.

Massages at memorable events

Contact the Event Planning team at South Florida Chair Massage. Our team is here to assist you in developing a custom event that will be a resounding success. From tailoring one of our standard programs to the special needs of your business to custom-developing a program just for you South Florida Chair Massage is here for you.Look at some of the great ideas we have implemented:

Private Label Events

What a Private Label Event? A private Label Event is when the South Florida Chair Massage Therapists appear to be you employees, in essence private labeling the Massage Therapists. We accomplish this by having them wear clothing displaying your corporate identity, logo and/or your marketing message, thus increasing your brand awareness/identity. The Professional from South Florida Chair Massage can help you distribute your promotional materials when they are not busy giving a massage. The result is an integrated, holistic and cohesive perception of your company and brand.

Retail Promotional And Launch Events

Are you looking for a way to promote a new location, product or service. If so, South Florida Chair Massage can elevate your next event or promotion by helping you attract the audience and attention you are seeking. Chair Massage can be placed outside, inside, on rooftops, in tents, in store fronts, anywhere that will attract a crowd that will help you establish your brand and sell your product.

Other Services

The following services can be customized to meet your company’s specific needs:


Let South Florida Chair Massage provide a Therapeutic hand or foot massage at any event.

Event Design & Layout

Not sure how to set up your event to include massage and on-site spa services? Relax, we’ve got your back!!! The professional event planners at South Florida Chair Massage can help with massage chair station placement, relaxation areas and other event logistics.