Building a foundation of trust by treating our clients as special individuals gives us that competitive edge. We understand how important your decision is to hire the best therapists that fit your needs and company image. For this reason we strive to make you and your clients happy and completely satisfied.

These are the guiding principles of our massage therapy practice. Because they are so important to Carla DiMauro, she has selected only the most professional and skilled, honest and dependable, compassionate and caring licensed massage therapists to be on her team.

The  quality of your experience depends a great deal on the level of care you receive, not just from your massage therapists, but also from the Team Captain and Coordinator of your On-site Massage Therapy Program. Below are testimonies  from some of Carla DiMauro’s clients. Click animage to read the actual testimonies in a new window.

Carla DiMauro and her team of chair massage therapists have provided Southwest Airlines with the highest quality, professional chair massage services over the years. They are organized, on time, and always enthusiastic…providing my employees with a sense of calm and increased well-being from their massages. She is a tremendous pleasure to work with and the chair massage is always a special treat during Spirit Week.

Tannina McCanany

Southwest Airlines Station Manager

Ft. Lauderdale International Airport

For over nine years Carla DiMauro and her team has been an intricate part of our companies business model, her services has helped raised the efficiencies, production and morale of all the employees.

After meeting with each employee the DiMauro team tailors individual programs for each of their specific needs then they go the extra mile to make sure they exceed the employee’s expectations. Their level of professionalism, enthusiasm and spirit is contagious; they truly are great and valuable members of our team!

Daniel O’Neal

President and CEO

Managed Insurance Services, Inc.

For a professional and highly engaging event, you should look no further than Carla DiMauro. As the Event Coordinator for our school, Carla has provided crucial mentorship for our evolving Massage Therapists while facilitating exhilarating and results-oriented functions for our campus.

Anyone can show up with massage chairs and go through the motions; Carla creates a massage and relaxation experience that enhances any corporate or private event that needs that very special element of guest engagement. The key to her success in managing and servicing events is her commitment to the success of the function. In a time when accountability in the service industry seems a rare commodity, Carla exemplifies all that you could possibly desire in an event planner and relaxation specialist. Contact her today to make your next event the best event possible!

Richard McCulloch

Campus President

American Institute